Nativity Scene                                      

Restoration Project

Brief History

This life sized wood carved Nativity Scene was first commissioned  by Mr. Sanger of Dallas, Texas, in circa 1930 from master wood carver Goffredo Moroder of Orlisei-Val Gardena, a small Tyrolean village near the Italian Swiss Alps. They are carved from large blocks of Larchwood native to the area. After decades of use and storage this Scene was acquired by St. Pius X Church in about 1987. It was initially maintained by artist Cindy Dewan . Christmas of 2009 sparked a renewed interest in refinishing the Scene to it's original beauty by the parishioners of the St Pius X community. A more detailed history can be found at History.


The Sheep          Goffredo Moroder Sheep          Goffredo Moroder Sheep         Goffredo Moroder Nativity         

There are 6 sheep in the collection one being held in place by a shepherd. The original paints have faded. Several exhibited broken ears, legs, and separated wooden blocks over time. Previous paint by Mastercraft no longer available. Frazee is in southern California only. Current test batch of paint by Glidden Ultra-Hide #3517 semi-gloss white (2 to 1 mix; paint to naptha) yielded very nice air brush results at 20 psi on test strips. Hooves are handrubbed Winsor & Newton lamp black oils. Tints are with Tints-All pigments.


Melchior          Nubian King Melchior    

The Nubian King has a detachable arm held in place by a steel screw and will be replaced with a jewel on a dowel.




Mary          St. Mary         


Baby Jesus          Baby Jesus         



Acknowledgements   &   Credits


Arno Moroder                                 KCIC - Keep Christ In Christmas                                 Tanzende Art                                 Mark Yund                

Leo Moroder                                   Susan Mattix                                                                St. Pius X Men's Club                                                      



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